​​​Chef Ed Harris

Our experience has taught us what’s right, what works and what doesn’t. That’s why we’re in business; because we know how to make restaurants work. Let us determine what services you need – it’s the first step to a more successful future.

Chef Life Consulting Corporation is highly respected in the culinary world. We have a variety of restaurant, prestigious events, educating classes and hospitality consulting experience, with strengths in every area of the restaurant and food service industry. If you are looking for a restaurant expert then you are in the right place. Keep in mind that we specialize in concept design and an array of team building and parent classes as well.

Regardless of your food service requirements, Chef Life Consulting has the requisite skills and experience to turn concepts into commercially viable food products. Our consulting service encompasses events, private in-home dining, flavor development, menu design, training, recipe development and commercial food photography just to name a few. Chef Life Consulting’s research team delivers a broad range of food products and development services which included FOH and BOH.

Chef Life Events (CLE) is a special area of our business for the client that is looking to have a special; high-profile event prepared with the utmost sophistication and regard for everything food and entertainment. We will plan the menu together and then CLE will take care of the rest. We’ll show up at your door with the tools and ingredients to take your senses on a culinary ride, while you sit back and relax knowing that your private event is being handled with the highest priority.

When you partner with Chef Life Consulting (CLC), you will have a team of expert consultants from the food and restaurant industry working for you. When considering new projects, we only work with clients we feel comfortable with, and consult on projects where we feel confident we can deliver results. Because developing the best solution for your business is our top priority, our consultants work with other specialists throughout the food service and hospitality industry to guarantee you get the results you want.

We always provide a FREE Initial Consultation and Analysis. Once we have determined to do business together, we always provide a well-written, easy-to-understand Consulting Services Agreement. Signed by both parties, the agreement ensures that there is never any question as to each party’s role, responsibilities, time frames or costs associated with the entire duration of the consulting project.

At Chef Life Consulting (CLC), we demand integrity, honesty, professionalism and “heart felt” concern for the restaurant industry and the people who work in it.